Thursday, 22 March 2018

 Businesses are a great way to score reputation, revenues and lifestyle of your choice. Thinking from the consumer’s view point, wouldn’t you want to carry just a card and buy out whatever comes your way? That’s just what your customers’ think when they enter your showroom. As per the latest market study, 23% of the consumers go with only-cash transaction. If you accept credit card in your business then that opens door to double or triple of your current revenues.

Are you still scratching your head and have a bubble of doubt whether to take the risk or not? Check out the following reasons that’ll prompt you to apply for a card immediately:

1.  Cards Have Monopolized the Market
Every customer carries a card when they go out on buying articles. It’s more of a monopoly that market is ruled by the online payment processors. The easy of carrying a single plastic with added security and discounts are a sure thing for everyone. Can you afford to lose a target audience just because you don’t accept cards?

2.  Quick Payments
Are you sure, you want to count and manage the cash while standing in 21st century where technology has bombarded humanity with comfort, efficiency and speed? Cards and mobile banking are on high time rise. Nobody’s got time to check the cash in pocket instead they prefer plastic!

3.  Track All Transaction
Maintaining balance sheet? Say goodbye to calculators, human errors and weary process of tracking your sells because credit card processing services give you all data you need in strict fashioned manner for easy tracking.

4.  Online Store
If you want to own an online store or put your business for internet audience, then it’s a necessity to accept cards for payments. Why should you bring your business online? 90% of purchases are happening on online portals.
5.  Payments Are Received Immediately
It’s frustrating and time taking to go by the conventions of sending invoices, getting checks and transferring them to the accounts. Also, the revert mails that are essential part of business. To cut the process short, online transaction keeps the account of all the transferred money, automatic invoices and safe deposits of dealer’s money into the merchant account. To point to be noted, it takes no more than a few seconds and clicks to get done with the payment.

6.  Customers Are Prompted
Yes, it’s a fact that customers are prompted to buy more as banks give them royalty points and special discounts. This is the major reason why every trader must put card reader in their dealings so that you don’t restrict the ability of buyer to the present cash rather increase their purchases through credits.
7.  Technology is Cheaper Today
Gone are the days when small businessmen couldn’t afford to integrate technology into their business due to the cost incurred. With falling processing fee and rising customer acceptance, there’s just a minor cost to pay for exponential benefits that you can reap.

This list of benefits must excite your adrenaline to make a move and apply for a merchant account. Whether you’ve a low or a high risk company, you’ll get sure solutions to all your problems.


Monday, 5 February 2018

When it comes to manage an online gambling website, you need reliable, stable and secure credit card processing solutions. In other words, you need to work with a payment partner who can help you accept all the major currencies, provides transparent reporting, gives low or no card rejection rates, offers daily or weekly payouts and serves with friendly & prompt customer services.

Sadly, finding an experienced & established credit card processor who knows how to work with online gaming isn’t that easy. Getting reliable requirements is also not something very easy. Problem grows more when you need to find all these along with a payment processor who keeps you away from 3DS card verification and elongated procedures.

You will be glad to know that are few gambling credit card processing companies that maintain chargeback rates below 4%. Moreover, they provide services for high volume, high velocity and high ticket sale gaming.

You must be knowing that online gambling or gaming comes under high risk businesses. Reason behind is regulated nature of gambling and the heavy risk of high ticket high volume chargebacks. As per the legal laws, these companies must comply with national and regional laws that aim at governing how they can operate. As the site is accessed by customers worldwide, it has to abide by the multiple sets of such laws. These complications stop the banks and processors from accepting or boarding online gambling companies.

Many online gambling sites process large tickets and move significant volume. If ever the business involves in any fraudulent activity and its customers initiate a chargeback, large liabilities are faced by the processing bank. This undeniably is also one of the major reasons most of the banks and financial insitutions prefer keping away from these businesses.

But as we above said that there are few experts you can rely on, getting best online gaming merchant account is surely not impossible. Why wait then? Find these professionals and start with merchant services right away.


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

If you are a non-U.S. resident who wants to open a business in United States, there are no U.S. or state laws that will restrict you. You will be glad to know that the procedure to incorporate a business in the United States is similar for non-U.S. resident as well as U.S. resident. Yes, you need be a resident of U.S. or hold a green card to have a company in the United States.

It is important to know what incorporation actually means. Well, it means establishing a company that’s recognized by the state of the one’s incorporation. Best part, the process is is easy and fast.

Read further to know everything about forming a company along with information about opening bank account for the business, getting local business online and lot more.

What to do Before Incorporating?

Check out some important steps to know few important things:

1. There are a number of entities such as Closed Corporation, Limited Liability Company, General Corporation, Limited Partnership and Non-Stock Corporation. Hence, choosing the type of business entity that suits the business is the first step to begin with.

2. Choosing the business formation package that gels with the business comes as the second step. State filing fees, shipping costs and registered agent fees are included in the package.

3. Last but not the least is selecting the name and suffix that describes the type of business entity. It is important to know that words such as insurance, university, bank, trust and college should be avoided in the name of the company.

If you are wondering where to incorporate a business in USA, you can do it anywhere. It is not necessary to start it in the state where the business is located or from where most of the business is conducted.

If you have any other concern or want to know anything, taking the help of right professionals will help to great extent. Make sure you contact the reputed experts only and get everything done in a legal way.

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Merchant account is one of the best things for businessmen and online stores proprietors as it helps them bring their products and services on the right platform of Internet. With the right account, it gets easy to accept as well as handle credit card payments from the customers.

When a business has convenience to accept card payments, it gets increased exposure to more valuable consumers which in turn helps to produce favorable deals. Need not say, this is the best thing for any business and probably the best reason to own a merchant account.

It’s a necessity 

Entrepreneurs with concern about security and unwavering quality of the account as well as payment framework can rest assured about everything once they have the right service providers by their side. These experts guarantee 100% secured payment platforms to their customers and assist them in conducting safe business and protected final transactions.

Payment gateway is an application that is coordinated in the business website. It is important to know that most of these payment gateways have an API that is meant to make client’s experience steady, even at the credit card processing stage. This gateway accepts the credit card data, for example, security code coordinating setup and address check.

Benefits the Business

For most entrepreneurs, ecommerce merchant services are nothing but an extra expense. This is not right as there are numerous advantages these services have to offer. For those who are looking for strong online presence and traffic, having the right merchant account is very helpful. Absence of these accounts lead to losing a major audience base that is interested in buying their products/services through a credit card.

Business-proprietors with merchant account have a secured e-payment gateway that helps to process the transactions quickly and safely. Hence, if you are running an online business, these wonderful services will help you attract more customers and generate more revenues.

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Friday, 8 December 2017

Online dating can turn incredible profits. As internet is hub for different kind of services, youngsters depend on internet for finding the right match. People find it simple to strike a conversation with strangers over chatting rather than direct communication. However, this niche industry is also considered as high risk because of the different aspects connected with it. It has been through a lot of scrutiny as they rely on monthly payments from the users. There are many users who doesn’t earn and at some point of time they might leave.

Finding online dating merchant providers

Banks take a conservative approach towards such online dating websites. They avoid providing them with the services or charge a lot of money. It becomes a hassle for the company to set up their account. However, you can find trustworthy online dating merchant account service providers who don’t judge what risks are associated with the business because they have all the required materials to make the things work for the companies. They not only provide the best solutions but also provide low rates. Moreover, they provide other options such as recurring billing options, unlimited processing and multi-currency features.

The reliable solution

The nature of online dating site will remain high-risk even if it generates huge revenue. Therefore, there are a few set of prospects to put up which shouldn’t be compromised such as lower charge fee, more than just online gateway and easy application processing. A good service provider will provide your dating business with reliable, scalable, and secure e-commerce solution to payment processing. Even before one set up a merchant account, service providers will scrutinize business and determine the best solution.

The secure payment gateways

Find a company that provides you with the most affordable service possible. however, one should ensure that the merchant accounts are secure. Ensure the company provides in-house support, fraud tools, and other required applications to make the process secured.

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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Debt Collection Merchant Account

Debt Collecting has involved as an industry over a few years. The companies under this niche acts as the security system for the companies who are providing loans to the businesses and individual. Often times these loans are so huge that the loan provider has to hire these collectors for their extracting out the money they deserve.

So, as the nature of the industry suggest the payments are more of season rather continuous. The demand of their services are highly vulnerable to the time of market as well. This is the reason why the payment processors don’t get involved with them. The high amount of insecurity adds to the factor. Due to their thorough knowledge of the finances, finding a low process charge is also a struggle.

What’s the bridge between the two situation then?

When you are not sure what are your ultimate requirements then start with this list, step by step :

1. Write Down The Mode Of Payment You’re Planning To Offer

There are several options in today’s time. Cryptocurrency has changed the way businesses were done. So, some of what you might need are :

> Debit Card Payment
> Credit Card Payment
> Mailed-In Payment (i.e., Money Orders, Checks, etc.)
> Automated Payment

2. Look For The Process Charge That You Are Planning To Pay

You can only know the process charge put by the processor when you ask for their quote. In case, you’re not aware about the procedure, you can take help from the third party payment advisor who can help you to find you the best possible Debt Collection Merchant Account for your business.

3. Chargeback Management System

Every business has to go through the chargeback cases which are never liked by anyone- whether it is you or your payment processor. Hence, to settle the issues and minimize the chargeback cost, you need to find someone who has readily available system and support is given to you every time.

With these initial and the most needed requisites, your search begins. However you can minimize your efforts with some help from the experts. Get the best merchant account now.


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Pet shop merchant account

Pets are cutes. Aren’t they? Whether you are selling sweet puppies, pretty kittens or attractive fish tanks you need credit card processing services that can attract repeat business for your pet shop.

Along with your plump and healthy pets you have to provide easy and simple ways of making payments to your customers. Your business is unique and so should be the pet shop & supply store merchant services for it. Is it that easy to find a payment processor where there are numerous numbers of payment processors available in the industry? You need to have a fair understanding and idea of the features of reliable and secure payment processing services. Getting approval from banks and financial institutes can be a daunting task and no less is getting trustworthy payment processing services. This all can be another simple task when you have professional guidance to pick the best options from the available applications for credit card processing services.

You should be keen to learn what they have to offer you to facilitate easy yet secure payments. For example your business needs a well-defined point of sale system, payment gateways and efficient credit card terminal. Your only motive should be to find the right merchant services that prove to be most suitable for your pet shop.

Not only the services but the prices are also important for you. The merchant services provided to you should be fairly priced and should be completely free from the hidden charges including cost per transaction. These small contributions impact your yearly bill lot much heavy than expected.

The payment processor should be keen to extend the customer support round the clock. Of course your business would be on run even after you sleep. Make sure the payment processor does not sleep even in the wee hours. Customer may need them at any point of time and they should be more than available and ready with the solutions.

It is important to read between the lines of the contract and agreement. Decide mutually and get it in black and white that if you fail to keep the agreement because of any reason or complaints what your company will be supposed to pay for breaching the contract in mid-term.

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