Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Accepting credit cards has become mandatory for almost every business, nowadays. As wide varieties of payment options are available to the merchants, it can bring numerous benefits to every business. Moreover, accepting card is easy and dramatically boosts the sales. It is interesting to know that this customized account is provided to genuine merchants who have good credit standing and finances. Moreover, its criteria and requirements are something all merchants can easily fulfill. Offshore merchant account is fully controlled by the merchant, which is not shared with other merchants. So what are their profits? Check it out here.

1.    Control all transactions

You have access to check the funds coming in your account. In addition, you can manage the process disputes, credit card refunds and charge backs.

2.    Increase sales volumes

As per the records, customers trust those companies that have their own merchant accounts. Hence, you can engage more visitors to your services through this special service.

3.    Instantly receive payments

You can get your funds transferred directly in your account and that too within one to two business days.

4.    Lower transaction fees

The more a business produces high transaction value, the more beneficial the account is, as it saves money.

5.    Offshore merchant account providers

There are businesses that have high-risk. For such companies, offshore accounts are the best to accept payments without any risk and threat.

6.    Accept major credit cards

You can accept every sort of credit card, debit card, electronic payment and all major currencies of every country.

Offshore Credit Card Processor

Process multiple currencies and support different credit cards via these fabulous services. Now target more markets and increase your sales volume. If you have online business, get started with the services to save money and enjoy flexible and high-level management. Contact the certified professionals, pay an affordable fee and reap life term benefits. 


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