Friday, 3 June 2016

Nowadays, it is very common and easy to get started with merchant service accounts. One of the major risks possible due to them is chargeback. This is something that occurs but not frequently. They happen if the customer is not satisfied with the products or services offered by the merchants. Need not say, these claims are no less than a headache for the business. Hence, it is very important to know the basics about it and the way it works. If you are familiar with these useful points, it’s well and good; if not, the provided information will definitely help.

Not harmful for the consumers

Chargebacks happens when a consumer complaints against the merchant. For instance, there’s a customer who has ordered a product online but does not receive it on time or finds any fault in it. In this condition, he/she can request the credit card company to cancel the transaction. Now, the company will contact the merchant and ask for the information. If it finds flaws, it will pull the money from the merchant’s account and credit it into the customer’s account.

Charges for the merchant

Besides suffering from loss of payment, merchant also has to pay the charges imposed by the credit card company. Even if the customer’s request is denied, charges have to be paid by the merchant. In case this chargeback approves, merchant has to pay an additional charge.

Good service, no chargebacks

As long as you provide good service, you are safe from penalty or fine. If you offer transparent and useful information before the sale and ensure timely delivery of products, your chances of facing the fine reduce largely. Asking the costumers about the feedback after delivery of the product is also a way to win their trust.

It can’t be denied that merchant services for website brings profits to businesses and comfort to its customers. However, it is important to be careful and avoid every chance of getting trapped with fake charges. Be alert towards your services and offer friendly customer support to your consumers. This way you won’t give them even a single reason of cancelling their order or questioning your services. 

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