Thursday, 10 August 2017

Dentist credit card processing

At your dental clinic you may try your best for giving the least of pain possible to your lovely clients.Sometimes you succeed, other times you don’t. While it is not possible to get rid of the inconvenience involved in the dental treatment that of course help people get rid of serious consequences, it is very likely to be expected that your dental practice accepts plastic money. According to a research, 80 percent of customers prefer to use plastic for making payments when it comes to face to face transactions. Choosing to not accept card payments is nothing but closing the doors of building or growing your dental services in other words.

Knowing the fact that you may not compromise with dentist credit card processing services any longer but you should also be practicing caution so as to save yourself from big losses in name of small terms and conditions of the merchant service provider. There are ways that savvy dental professionals can use to lower credit card processing rate and keep more of the share of their money they make by rendering their expert services.

Starting and setting dental services business is tough but to squeeze the additional profits from it gets even tougher. You can follow few steps to make things easier and profitable for you such as:

1. Make fair comparisons between prices. It is necessary that you make the comparisons between the prices of the services offered by one service provider to other. What is more important here is that, you make apples to apples price comparison. Requesting quotes from 5 different processors is the first tip to lowering the credit card processing fees. Unfortunately most of the small business owners are unaware about the fact that credit card processing service rates are highly negotiable. 

2. Facilitate more card present payments. Dental services can hold control over how they accept credit card payments. To the maximum extent, therefore you should, practice face to face debit and credit card payments. The difference of as much as 2.5% between card present payment and card not present payment will mean thousands of dollars in a period of one year. Come on you are running a business and you cannot let go big profits like this. 


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