Monday, 5 February 2018

When it comes to manage an online gambling website, you need reliable, stable and secure credit card processing solutions. In other words, you need to work with a payment partner who can help you accept all the major currencies, provides transparent reporting, gives low or no card rejection rates, offers daily or weekly payouts and serves with friendly & prompt customer services.

Sadly, finding an experienced & established credit card processor who knows how to work with online gaming isn’t that easy. Getting reliable requirements is also not something very easy. Problem grows more when you need to find all these along with a payment processor who keeps you away from 3DS card verification and elongated procedures.

You will be glad to know that are few gambling credit card processing companies that maintain chargeback rates below 4%. Moreover, they provide services for high volume, high velocity and high ticket sale gaming.

You must be knowing that online gambling or gaming comes under high risk businesses. Reason behind is regulated nature of gambling and the heavy risk of high ticket high volume chargebacks. As per the legal laws, these companies must comply with national and regional laws that aim at governing how they can operate. As the site is accessed by customers worldwide, it has to abide by the multiple sets of such laws. These complications stop the banks and processors from accepting or boarding online gambling companies.

Many online gambling sites process large tickets and move significant volume. If ever the business involves in any fraudulent activity and its customers initiate a chargeback, large liabilities are faced by the processing bank. This undeniably is also one of the major reasons most of the banks and financial insitutions prefer keping away from these businesses.

But as we above said that there are few experts you can rely on, getting best online gaming merchant account is surely not impossible. Why wait then? Find these professionals and start with merchant services right away.


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