Thursday, 22 March 2018

 Businesses are a great way to score reputation, revenues and lifestyle of your choice. Thinking from the consumer’s view point, wouldn’t you want to carry just a card and buy out whatever comes your way? That’s just what your customers’ think when they enter your showroom. As per the latest market study, 23% of the consumers go with only-cash transaction. If you accept credit card in your business then that opens door to double or triple of your current revenues.

Are you still scratching your head and have a bubble of doubt whether to take the risk or not? Check out the following reasons that’ll prompt you to apply for a card immediately:

1.  Cards Have Monopolized the Market
Every customer carries a card when they go out on buying articles. It’s more of a monopoly that market is ruled by the online payment processors. The easy of carrying a single plastic with added security and discounts are a sure thing for everyone. Can you afford to lose a target audience just because you don’t accept cards?

2.  Quick Payments
Are you sure, you want to count and manage the cash while standing in 21st century where technology has bombarded humanity with comfort, efficiency and speed? Cards and mobile banking are on high time rise. Nobody’s got time to check the cash in pocket instead they prefer plastic!

3.  Track All Transaction
Maintaining balance sheet? Say goodbye to calculators, human errors and weary process of tracking your sells because credit card processing services give you all data you need in strict fashioned manner for easy tracking.

4.  Online Store
If you want to own an online store or put your business for internet audience, then it’s a necessity to accept cards for payments. Why should you bring your business online? 90% of purchases are happening on online portals.
5.  Payments Are Received Immediately
It’s frustrating and time taking to go by the conventions of sending invoices, getting checks and transferring them to the accounts. Also, the revert mails that are essential part of business. To cut the process short, online transaction keeps the account of all the transferred money, automatic invoices and safe deposits of dealer’s money into the merchant account. To point to be noted, it takes no more than a few seconds and clicks to get done with the payment.

6.  Customers Are Prompted
Yes, it’s a fact that customers are prompted to buy more as banks give them royalty points and special discounts. This is the major reason why every trader must put card reader in their dealings so that you don’t restrict the ability of buyer to the present cash rather increase their purchases through credits.
7.  Technology is Cheaper Today
Gone are the days when small businessmen couldn’t afford to integrate technology into their business due to the cost incurred. With falling processing fee and rising customer acceptance, there’s just a minor cost to pay for exponential benefits that you can reap.

This list of benefits must excite your adrenaline to make a move and apply for a merchant account. Whether you’ve a low or a high risk company, you’ll get sure solutions to all your problems.



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